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Video Delivery Platform 

Maximise the value of your video content, reduce costs and create an enhanced online user experience with our
Video Delivery Platform.

The Video Delivery Platform enables your business to embrace the Internet safely and securely, with a proven solution that is customised to match your existing web and brand identity.

  Custom own-brand solution
  Multiple video channels with individual channel branding
  Viewing & behavioural analytics of your subscribers and trial users 
  KPI and trending reports
  User and asset administration
  Secure, reliable and proven hosted solution with no software or IT to maintain

Multiple video channels with individual branding

Supports multiple video channels with each channel having its own unique branding.

Video channels can be switched on/off for individual subscribers or for entire organisations.

Channels can also be switched between multiple video delivery platforms to support collaborative ventures with distribution and re-seller partners.


Trending and KPI's

Gain crucial marketing insight with key performance indicators, usage and trending reports. 



Optimised Viewing

Smart video streaming ensures the viewing experience of each user is optimised each and every time they watch a video, based upon the quality of their individual Internet connection.


Personal Viewing Log

All users have a personal viewing log that is automatically updated with all of their viewing activity.


User and Asset Administration

Asset management, user access period and usage privileges are all managed from your desktop via the online administration system, allowing you to preview, sell and deliver your online videos in the way that you choose.


Trial-user Preview and Monitoring 

Allow visitors to self-register for immediate access to video previews.

The preview facility allows a fixed duration trial period with time-limited preview lengths.

The real-time monitoring system ensures that you’ll know exactly what your visitors are interested in before you engage with them.




Real-time Behavioural Analytics

Monitor all usage and engagement from your desktop with the online management suite that tracks who watched what, when and for how long.




Comprehensive Reporting Suite


Filter reports by subscriber, by trial user, by organisation, by channel, by video and more. 









Intelligent Search 

The integral search facility understands word meaning, so even those with little subject matter knowledge will find what they’re looking for.



Synonym Filtered Search


Search results can be filtered by direct match or by synonym recommendation.  



Search the spoken word

Users are able to search across your entire online video archive or search within pre-selected channels.

Syncronised audio transcripts allow users to search on the spoken word and then go directly to that particular section of the video. 

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