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Online Backup
Protect your data with our online backup service that backs up data from PCs and servers to a secure offsite location so that in the event of an emergency, you can recover your data quickly.

Who's the service for?

This service is suitable for businesses that want to back up employees’ computers or non-essential hardware. For business-critical services, we recommend our disaster recovery service, which restores data faster and has licensing options for failover services.

Key Features of Online Backup

  Easy-to-use software

Software wizards guide you through set up and your protection starts as soon as we've installed the software and completed your first upload.

  Automatic backups

You don’t need to remember to run backups because the software uploads changes and new documents on a regular basis.

  Individual file recovery

You don’t need to download all your data to recover a file, you can choose to restore a single file.

  Flexible recovery

You can restore your data from another computer if you can’t access your original server or computer. We can simply download a new client and quickly restore your data to another machine.

  Fast and efficient backups

The online backup service updates your backups with bit-level incremental changes, which results in significantly smaller uploads that save time on your bandwidth usage.

  Choice of backup space

You can start small and increase capacity as and when you require it, with up to 1TB of backup space.

Client Testimonials

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