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Social & Business to bring your communities together

 bring together your communities at the point of your service delivery, in order to promote a continual cycle of engagement, collaboration and trust building across those communities.

Non Intrusive

All of our platform solutions offer social & business networking integration via non-intrusive toolbars.

Toolbars can be visible or minimised at the discretion and choice of individual site visitors.


Simple Set Up

All you need to do is provide us with the details of your social and business networking feeds.

We'll then set up and manage your entire portfolio (as well as any new feeds in the future) in order to bring your user communities together at your point of service delivery


Other Functions

As well as social and business integration your toolbar can also provide;

 -  links to YouTube channels
 -  links to your other websites
 -  live video feeds
 -  and more



Custom Functionallity

If there's something that you need that we don't currently have, then we can develop additional features specifically for you.



Client Testimonials

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