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In2itive LMS

The In2itive LMS is a fully customisable, cloud based, SCORM 1.2/2004 and xAPI (Tin Can) compliant Learning Management System.

Used in both enterprise learning applications and by training providers as a commercial training delivery platform, the In2itive LMS provides the flexibility to meet the needs of any size of organisation.

Enterprise LMS

A learning and collaboration platform not only to ensure training compliance but also to harness your organisation's global talent and knowledge pool.

The In2itive LMS incorporates a suite of collaboration tools including
virtual classrooms, e-portfolios, wikis, blogs, forums, social and business network integration, as well as u
nique tools such as online video assessments that help you truly understand how your audience has engaged ... more >

Training Provider LMS

Deliver your resources, knowledge and expertise as e-learning and online training solutions within your own-brand, secure, fully managed, e-commerce enabled Learning Management System.

With an integral content management system the LMS allows you not only to build your learning and collaboration environment, it allows you to build a complete website around it, including product catalogues, e-commerce and much more
more >

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud based solutions mean that life couldn't be simpler for you. There’s no software or hardware for you to install or maintain, nor is there any impact on your organisations IT department or IT infrastructure.

- Secure, reliable and proven software
- Low risk
- Rapid deployment
- No hardware to purchase, install or maintain
- N
o software to install or maintain
- 365 x 7 x 24 access

With thousands of organisations using our solutions as part of their online initiatives, we provide proven, reliable world wide access to information, utilising a world class infrastructure that ensures data is always secure, backed up and professionally managed ... more about In2itive >

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